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Game Design Workshop is Held on May 26-27


Within the Ankara Development Agency; Establishment of Creative Industries Design and Training Center, which is being carried out with the management of ODTÜ TEKNOKENT (ODTÜ Teknokent) and the partnership of Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) and Turkish Game Developers Association (TOGED) and a game design workshop will be held as part of the "Developing the Digital Game Industry Capacity in Ankara" project.

The first day of the Game Design Workshop: It will take place as a Practical Workshop and will progress through the Advanced Game Prototyping Techniques. Doğacan Tuğrul from Pantheon and Oğuz Konya from DIGIT Game Studios will take place as mentor speakers.

The second day of the Game Design Workshop: It will take place as a Practical Workshop and will proceed under the title of Publishing and Investor Relations. İsmet Gökşen from Ludus Venture Studio, Emre Taş from Alictus and Ganbayar Bayaraa from Tenjin will take place as mentor speakers.

General Information and FAQ

Where will the Workshops take place?

You can follow the entire program on the TOGED Discord channel.

How can I register?

Who Can Access Registration Information?

The information you share during registration is only collected for the purpose of organizing the workshop, no one other than TOGED and ODTÜ Teknokent will have access to this information.

Will there be any fees?

All work is free.

How to watch the Seminar Program?

You can watch the broadcasts simultaneously on Discord Stage, TOGED Youtube and Facebook channel. During the seminars, questions will only be taken via Discord.

TOGED YouTube TOGED Facebook

Who Can Participate?

All groups and individuals in the game industry can attend both workshops. Conditions such as incorporation and product extraction are not sought. Registration link:

What Qualifications Are Required for Applications?

Certain qualifications may be required in the application parts of the workshops, you can see them in the workshop information. If participants, as a group or as an individual, cannot meet these qualifications, our moderators will help them match and set up groups with the appropriate people.

Who Organizes the Workshop?

This study is carried out by the Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED), in cooperation with ODTÜ Teknokent Yönetim A.Ş (ODTÜ Teknokent), Middle East Technical University (METU) and Ankara Development Agency.


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