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Game Entrepreneur Training Project Completed with 4th Group Trainings

T.R. “Game Entrepreneur Training Project” supported within the scope of Youth Projects (2020-1) of the Ministry of Youth and Sports is carried out by TOSYÖV. The fourth group trainings of the project carried out jointly by TOGED and Ankara Development Agency have been completed.

The project is a project that aims to educate young people, consisting of university graduates or students, to become game entrepreneurs, by giving leadership and entrepreneurship trainings, to be informed about foreign trade and finance, and then to become game entrepreneurs.

In the project, 4 groups, each consisting of 20 people, took part and in total the trainings; 280 hours of Leadership, 280 hours of Entrepreneurship and 280 hours of Game Development Training. Thank you to our participants.


Training programs will be organized to train game entrepreneurs for young people who are university graduates or students. Our project will be carried out in cooperation with TOSYÖV, (Turkish Small and Medium Enterprises Self-employed Persons and Managers Foundation), TOGED (Turkish Game Developers Association) and Ankara Development Agency. is a project.


To enable young people to become game entrepreneurs and start their own businesses, to benefit from government support to establish their own businesses, to reveal the entrepreneurial aspects of game entrepreneurs and to strengthen their creativity integrated with new technologies.


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