Registration for User Acquisition Strategies Workshop Event Has Started!

The User Acquisition Strategies Workshop event will be moderated by TOGED Vice President Özgür Karayalçın, with the participation of Selen Yeniceri from Masomo, Ahmet Emre Gürcan from Pantheon, Gökhan Kınay from Trifles Games and Canberk Güvenkaya from SocialPeta on 12 January 2022 at 13:00. It will take place at METU Technokent Informatics Innovation Center CoZone.

If you want to learn about the methods of obtaining users from the experts of the sector, how it is done and what you should pay attention to, we invite you to our event.

Details of the event:

Date: 12 January 2022 - 13:30

General Information and FAQ

Where will the workshop take place?

Our User Acquisition Strategies Workshop event will take place at the METU Technopolis Informatics Innovation Center CoZone.

ODTU TEKNOKENT Informatics Innovation Center

Mustafa Kemal Neighborhood Dumlupinar Boulevard

280 / G Ground Floor Çankaya/Ankara

How can I register

Registration link:

Who Can Access Registration Information?

The information you share during registration is collected only for the organization of the workshop, no one other than TOGED and SocialPeta will have access to this information.

Will there be any fees?

All work is free.

Who Can Participate?

All groups and individuals in the game industry can participate in our workshop event. Conditions such as incorporation and product extraction are not sought.