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The Gaming Industry Takes Action for the Tax on Console

The Turkish Game Developers Association conveyed the effects of the additional tax regulations for game consoles on game production and its solution proposals to the Ministry of Commerce.

Turkish Game Developers Association (TOGED) Chairman of the Board Ali Erkin told Anadolu Agency (AA) that as an association, they carry out various studies and initiatives to support the development of the industry.

Emphasizing that the additional taxes on game consoles have become one of the most important agenda items in the industry recently, Erkin stated that they submitted their opinions and suggestions to the Ministry of Commerce.

Pointing out that the game and application developer companies that are members of the association contribute to the national economy by offering the games and applications they design to the global market, Erkin said, gave the information that the sector exported 500 million dollars in 2016, 700 million dollars in 2017, 1 billion 50 million dollars in 2018, 1 billion 500 million dollars in 2019.

Erkin stated that although the 2020 figures are not finalized, the increase in exports continues.

More than $2 billion foreign investment

Stating that game developer companies have become one of the sectors that receive the most global investment in addition to their high service exports, Erkin said, "Only in 2020, our game developer companies received more than 2 billion dollars of investment, making great contributions to our country in this period when the world economy was struggling.

It is obvious that the contribution of all state institutions and organizations and the support given to the sector are very important behind these successes," he said.

The following statements were included in the opinions and suggestions submitted by TOGED to the Ministry of Commerce regarding the tax practices on game consoles:

"While the game industry in our country is experiencing its golden age in terms of production, we do not have a company that produces game consoles yet. The number of companies producing game consoles all over the world does not exceed a few.While the latest tax regulations make it difficult for consumers to access game consoles, it also makes it difficult for our companies that develop games for game consoles in our country to deliver them to the end users. Further acceleration of the development of the game industry in our country will be possible both by encouraging production for game consoles and by consumers' easy access to the game they want. Considering that all of our developers in the industry today started out by playing games at a young age and being a part of this culture, today's game consumers are the potential game ecosystem employees of the future. In this direction, we believe that the zeroing of the additional taxes on game consoles and the abolition of the special consumption tax will make a very important contribution to the development of the game industry and to our country's service exports."

** Anadolu Agency News.


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