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TOGED & ATOM & TENJIN Award Winning Game Jam Recording Has Started!

Tenjin's Ganbayar Bayaraa webinar will take place on the first day of Game Jam.

TOGED & TENJIN Game Jam hosted by TOGED, Tenjin and ODTÜ TEKNOKENT ATOM will be held on 5-6-7 November 2021.

Ganbayar Bayaraa from Tenjin will hold the webinar titled "From prototyping to global launch: Making sense of your data" on November 5 at 15:00.

Details of the event, which will start on November 5:

5 November 15:00: Webinar and theme announcement

Content: Ganbayar Bayaara - Tenjin "From prototyping to Global launch: Making sense of your data"

November 5, 18:00: Game Jam kick off

November 6: Game Jam first day

November 7 at 6:00 pm: Game Jam closing speech

7 November 18:30: Presentations

7 November 19:30: Announcement of the winners

The top three, team, or team to win Game Jam are at the event;

#1 25M events 6 months free Tenjin ($6000) + $100 voucher

#2 25M events 3 months free Tenjin ($3000) + $50 voucher

#3 10M events 3 months free Tenjin ( $1500 ) + $25 gift card

Game Jam registrations are open, you can register as a team and individually.

Webinar and Event live broadcasts will take place simultaneously with Discord, on the following channels.

In this process, for our event to take place on Discord, you need to join our Discord channel and set the username as your real Name and Surname. Link:

Register now at this link;!

For more information, visit


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