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TOGED & ATOM & TENJIN Award Winning Game Jam Recording Has Started!

Tenjin's Ganbayar Bayaraa webinar will take place on the first day of Game Jam.

TOGED & TENJIN Game Jam hosted by TOGED, Tenjin and ODTÜ TEKNOKENT ATOM will be held on 5-6-7 November 2021.

Ganbayar Bayaraa from Tenjin will hold the webinar titled "From prototyping to global launch: Making sense of your data" on November 5 at 15:00.

Details of the event, which will start on November 5:

5 November 15:00: Webinar and theme announcement

Content: Ganbayar Bayaara - Tenjin "From prototyping to Global launch: Making sense of your data"

November 5, 18:00: Game Jam kick off

November 6: Game Jam first day

November 7 at 6:00 pm: Game Jam closing speech

7 November 18:30: Presentations

7 November 19:30: Announcement of the winners

The top three, team, or team to win Game Jam are at the event;

#1 25M events 6 months free Tenjin ($6000) + $100 voucher

#2 25M events 3 months free Tenjin ($3000) + $50 voucher

#3 10M events 3 months free Tenjin ( $1500 ) + $25 gift card

Game Jam registrations are open, you can register as a team and individually.

Webinar and Event live broadcasts will take place simultaneously with Discord, on the following channels.

TOGED Facebook:


In this process, for our event to take place on Discord, you need to join our Discord channel and set the username as your real Name and Surname. Link:

Register now at this link;!

For more information, visit

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