Game Development Contest for Mathematics Education with the supports of TOGED began.

Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED) and METU Teknokent Inc. is organizing a game developing contest for mathematics education for third, fourth, and fifth grades under the Ankara Development Agency's coordination.

The “Game Development Contest for Mathematics Education” is organized to support the production environment of software development and game software developers, institutions, and companies under the adverse conditions created by the COVID-19. The main aim is to introduce the game industry and contributing to the field of education.

Within the scope of the competition, it is aimed to develop game software to cover all or part of the mathematics lessons taught in third, fourth, and fifth grades to support the solutions to find a suitable format for distance education of mathematic teaching, which is a fundamental problem of our country.

The jury of the competition, which is carried out with the cooperation of Ankara Development Agency, TOGED, and METU TEKNOKENT, will consist of representatives of the relevant institutions and partners they deem appropriate. The jury will evaluate the games according to the general gameplay mechanics, story, theme suitability, instructional, and originality criteria.

The mentors of the collaborative institutions will answer the developers' questions in live broadcasts to be held on the dates to be determined each week to support the game developers.

Applications for the competition and game delivery dates will take place between 01.05.202 and 31.05.2020. The competition winners will be determined after the jury evaluation process, which is held between 1-15 June 2020. After the evaluation, the winners will be announced with the award event.

The first prize in the competition will be 7,500 TL, second prize 5,000 TL, and third prize 2,500 TL. Also, Oculus Go 32 GB will be given as a “Facebook Developer Circles Ankara Special Award.”


Anyone who can trust his/her idea and develop a game with the following qualifications can participate in the contest. Applications for the competition will be made on

Features of the Games:

  1. 1. It should be included one or more subjects taught in mathematics lessons in third, fourth, and fifth grade.

  2. The game should form the basis of the teaching method.

  3. The winning games must be published on any kind of platform to receive their awards.

  4. The game should be at the level of children attending specified classes.

  5. The language should be in accordance with the curriculum.

  6. Games should not contain violence in any way.

You can follow for detailed information, registration, and news about the competition, and send your questions about the competition to