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"TOGED INTERNSHIP PROJECT", initiated by TOGED in order to train qualified people for the gaming industry and to increase the acceleration of human resources, creates internship opportunities for BUG students at TOGED member companies. Member companies applying to TOGED with this project offer internship positions to Bahçeşehir University Digital Game Design students. BUG students begin to meet the lack of human resources in the playground before they graduate. Another education model of Bahçeşehir University is also included in this context. In this model, which is called the Joint Education Model (OEM), a goodwill protocol is signed between faculties and companies, and apart from the familiar internship process, companies and students come together for a long time with a master-apprentice relationship.

Students fulfill the tasks assigned to them at certain intervals in the relevant company to which they are accepted during the semester, and in this way, they take certain courses at the company, not at the school, and on the other hand, they do their internship during the course period. They work actively in the companies they enter a few days a week throughout the entire term and gain knowledge about the sector. At the end of the semester, the companies with which OEM agreements are made also determine the relevant course grades of the students themselves. BUG students and TOGED member companies shed light on the future of the game, whether as an OEM or an Internship.

You can reach BUGLab on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Discord. For more detailed information about the OEM program; You can visit the link


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