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The Game Circle Started Its Activities!

The Game Circle (GC) is for individuals or teams who want to breathe new life into the digital game ecosystem in our country, enter the game industry, or who are still in the game industry but have not yet achieved the expected commercial success; While providing training and mentoring services, it started its activities in Ankara in 2021 in order to bring the teams together with the leading publishers and investors of the sector.

GC aims to raise successful game teams and studios around the world with both incubator and accelerator functions by focusing only on the digital game industry. Founded by Turkey's leading academics and game developers in the field of digital games, GC aims to make the games developed by the teams it will include among the most downloaded games worldwide.

The people selected from the applications made to the incubation and accelerator programs are given trainings in game development, visual design, publishing, product management, digital marketing, data science, business development and many other fields by expert academics and professionals, teams are formed and selected in the Game Jam after these trainings. teams are eligible to join The Game Circle. The games of the teams participating in GC are broadcast by the publishers, which are their business partners. Those selected for these programs; office, financial support, training, mentoring and coaching opportunities are provided.

For more detailed information about Game Circle, you can browse Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram pages or website.


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